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Daily Ritual Apothecary

Cleanse Ritual Bath Tea

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Cleansing • Uncrossing • Protection Hyssop, Thyme, Ceara Sea Salt, and Lemon all working together in this soak to help cleanse you from whatever or whoever you need to let go of. Our small-batch, cruelty-free, plant-based, artificial preservative-free, and all-natural bath teas come in eco-friendly glass jars.

What you will find on the back label:

INTENT To bring you back to you- With nourishing mineral salt and cleansing botanicals.

RITUAL Start with a clean soaking tub. Set your intentions for your cleanse, add 2 TBS to your soaking bag and place in a hot water bath. Soak and then rinse off yourself and tub after. Ingredients: Ceara Atlantic Sea Salt, Hyssop, Dried Lemon, Thyme

AFFIRMATION As I breathe in vital energy slowly and deeply, I clear away low vibrational energy and negativity.