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I Believe in YOU! 🙏🏻

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This new gift set is sure to start your week off motivated and believing in ALL the possibilities ahead!

The giant gold foiled notepad (200 PAGES!😍) and pen combo are here for when brainstorming and ideas spark. Set the tone of the space by lighting the candle and get whisked away with the 💭 dreamy scents of coconut, pineapple and sandalwood. To round it out, 30 pop-up cards filled with messages of belief and hope are gently nestled inside. Oof, sounds as good as it looks! 😊😊

🎁 This is the perfect gift for: corporate clients, employees, birthdays, thank you/referrals and more!

What’s MOST important is that this gift gives the recipient an opportunity to know that they are valuable and important to you. You see the work they’re putting in, the crazy beautiful dreams they’re chasing and you want to acknowledge that. The world can be crazy and often discouraging… I think we could all use someone saying they truly believe in us.


- 200 page “Believe in All the Possibilities” Notepad

- Planning Possibilities Pen Set (2)

- “Dream” Tin Candle & Matches

- “You Matter” Thoughtfulls Pop-Up Cards

- Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Truffles