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Suds and Sage

Suds and Sage - All Natural Hemp Soap

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All Items come labeled. These are our all natural hemp soaps. They are made with only natural colorants and essential oils. Natural Handmade Soap ✽ These round soaps are the completely 100% All Natural Handmade Soaps we make - with Shea Butter and Hemp Butter. ✽ I use a variety of Essential Oils for fragrance! ✽ All Colorants are natural and safe to use. ✽ Please also let me know if you have any allergies such as oats, honey, certain colorants or fragrances. :) ✽ Each Round soap weighs around 3.3 ounces ✽ These soaps are packaged plastic free with recycled paper stickers. Note: Essential oils have a habit of dissipating as the soap ages, the fragrance - depending on the age of the soap - may not be as strong as it once was. Certain essential oils will hold their fragrance better - such as citrus.